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Dark Triumph - is there such a thing as original sin?

Dark Triumph - Robin LaFevers

This second book in the "His Fair Assassin" series by Robin Lafevers raises questions that are partly shared with those raised in the first book, Grave Mercy, but also raises some new ones that arise due to her childhood background. 


Does what you were forced to do to survive, however shameful they may be considered, define you as a person? Sybella's childhood was a nightmare marked by psychological and physical abuse, and she is convinced their sinfulness marks her as shamed .


She's also an assassin and enjoys killing but, however deserving her victims are of death, she's unsure whether the pleasure she receives is sinful and shameful.


Her quest for answers makes for another compelling read.


Once again, the narrative is first person, present tense which works very well for most of the book, though it becams slightly overwhelming when "affairs of the heart" are involved.


I'm looking forward to the third book in the series, Mortal Heart,  which I've just bought.