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Trouble with a Badge by Dolores Fossen

Trouble with a Badge (Appaloosa Pass Ranch) - Delores Fossen

An Intrigue that lives up to its name. There's a baby involved, but it's more of a McGuffin. The plot is intricate, but not overly so, the romance between Levi and Alexa builds up in a nice way with a bit of humour. And there's not-overdone cliffhanger for the next episode.


Often the "tragedies" and "demons" involved are hardly what I would call shattering, but they make sense here.


Here's the book blurb: 


"A woman and baby on the run. A Texas lawman sworn to protect them both. 

A tip about a serial killer's next target sends former big-city lawman Levi Crockett on a fool's errand. The willowy blonde he finds isn't the intended victim. But Alexa Dearborn is on the run and needs Levi's protection. So does the newborn she's guarding with her life. 

With Alexa's WITSEC identity compromised, the Texas deputy is Alexa's best hope of survival. And although Levi isn't ready to trust her after the tragedy that tore his family apart, he'd never turn his back on the PI and baby girl in her care. Still, as a ruthless murderer stalks them, Levi finds himself fighting an even more powerful enemy: the dangerous desire bringing them closer together…"