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Little Secrets by Megan Hart

Little Secrets - Megan Hart

Once you start reading this book you won't want to put it down. The writing flows naturally, the dialogue and characters ring true. The tension between the couple rings so true. The suspense builds very slowly, introduced bit by bit. 


Here's the book blurb:


"With a baby on the way and a brand new house, it seems Ginny and her husband, Sean, are on their way to a fresh start. But strange occurrences and financial strain seem determined to keep Ginny and Sean stuck in the past. Ginny begins to believe the house may be haunted…or that her husband might be trying to trick her into thinking so. As Ginny researches the house’s former owner and the tragedy that happened there, it becomes clearer than ever that something is in the house with them. The question is, who…or what…is it?"