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Tribal Law by Jenna Kernan

Tribal Law (Apache Protectors) - Jenna Kernan

This book is in the Apache Protectors series, and I've enjoyed them all so far. I've always liked Gabe. Nice, satisfying read. Here's the blurb:


Only the warrior from her past could save her now… 

Tribal police chief Gabe Cosen would do anything to protect his people and their reservation. This sheer dedication to the law had even cost him his fiancée. Selena Dosela had never forgiven him for sending her father to prison. But with trouble back on her doorstep, Gabe vowed to keep her safe. 

Only extreme fear for her family would allow Selena to accept Gabe's help. Despite all they had been through, Selena knew she could trust him with the lives of those she loved. The lawman would never break his word…but if she wasn't careful, he might break her heart again.