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Smoke and Ashes by Danica Winters

Smoke and Ashes (Harlequin Intrigue) - Danica Winters

It seems that the theme in this month's batch of Harlequin Intrigues is divorced/widowed people with kids meet. And, as soon as children are involved, they're the ones who'll be kidnapped. And there's almost always a kidnapping involved in Harlequin Intrigues.


That said, I liked this one. Here's the blurb: 


Montana's bravest…and hottest 

With a mysterious arsonist on the loose in Missoula, fire inspector Kevin Jensen saves more than Heather Sampson's house. The sexy single father rescues her from an abusive marriage—and discovers his own past failures don't have to rule his life. Especially when sparks between him and Heather ignite irresistible desire. 

But who's the arsonist? Why target Heather? What's his shocking motive? When Heather faces off with him in a brutal attack, she needs her "white knight" as much as he needs her. Both have looked into their souls and risked their broken hearts for each other. Now Kevin will have to risk his life and his heart.


There are definite subtexts: the lack of a child support infrastructure, how vulnerable women without education are in the US, and the effects of cutbacks in public services.


Heather marries the handsome doctor right out of High School, but, after a few years and a miscarriage, he turns out to be an emotional abuser who makes Heather disappear as a person. People who are following the BBC Radio soap The Archers will draw immediate parallels between David and Rob. What makes it even worse for Heather is she has no family to draw on, and no skills when David asks for a divorce. She's facing destitution because of a prenup she stupidly signed.


The other subtexts involves the handsome fire inspector Kevin. He finds it difficult to both be a single parent and do his job properly. Adding to that is the lack of funds available to do proper investigations.


The mention on what seemed to be every second page of how they missed each other's lips and smell etc. was just a bit OTT, but a very good read on the whole.