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Allegiances by Cynthia Eden

Allegiances (The Battling McGuire Boys) - Cynthia Eden

CIA agent who wants out and finds herself attacked. It sounds a bit Jason Bourne-like, but there's a twist at the end. There was a lot of use of italics to show thoughts, and it was a bit annoying. I can't let her die, I love her sort of thing. Because I find it a bit jarring. And the hero growled and rasped a lot. The plot was a bit convoluted but OK. I liked Celia, but Sully was irritating. I know he had PTSD, but that could have been made clear from the beginning. Here's the blurb:


An old enemy returns…with a new victim in the conclusion of The Battling McGuire Boys by New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden 

Private investigator Sullivan "Sully" McGuire has a reputation for danger. He's spent most of his life tracking the men who murdered his parents. The one woman who sees past Sully's predatorial pursuit is the wife he abandoned years ago. But Celia James has returned, this time with a target on her back. In order to save Celia, Sully is forced to resurrect old demons. New dangers—and dormant desires—bring Sully and Celia close…and old enemies even closer.