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Lawman on the Hunt by Cindi Myers

Lawman on the Hunt (The Men of Search Team Seven) - Cindi Myers

The action starts almost immediately, and the suspense is kept up quite well. And there's a twist at the end. And some on-the-run outdoor bonking.


Here's the blurb:


Shocked and angry to find his ex-fiancée hooked up with the domestic terrorist he's after, Special Agent Travis Steadman rescues Leah Carlisle—and then arrests her as an accomplice. But Leah claims leaving him for the terrorist was not the betrayal it seemed. Fleeing into Colorado's mountain wilderness with the ruthless gang in hot pursuit, Travis leads Leah on a grueling trek to safety. Their ordeal leaves him in awe of her strength and resourcefulness—and quickly sparks rekindled passion. Attraction aside, the sexy lawman knows he has to forget the past and put his trust in Leah. It might be the only way to bring down a killer.