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Sudden Second Chance by Carol Ericson

Sudden Second Chance (Target: Timberline) - Carol Ericson

I've enjoyed this Target Timberline series, and this one continues the tradition of good suspense with good tension between the romantic interests.


Here's the blurb: 


As if the Timberline Trio cold case isn't nightmarish enough for FBI agent Duke Harper, he runs into the TV reporter who loved and betrayed him—beautiful Beth St. Regis. Duke quickly concludes she's not after a sensational story. She's there to solve the haunting mystery of who she really is. But all her questions unleash a killer, and Duke steps up to protect her when she becomes a target. Despite their bitter past, Duke finds he's still attracted to Beth, and maybe they deserve a second chance. First, though, he has to keep Beth alive—and from discovering the shocking truth about her past.


The romance seemed a bit rushed at the end, but it's difficult finding a balance between the suspence and the romance when there are only around the 160 pages to work with in the Intrigue format, But a good read nonetheless.