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Mistletoe Rodeo by Amanda Renee

Mistletoe Rodeo (Welcome to Ramblewood) - Amanda Renee

This is my first Harlequin American Romance, and I enjoyed it muchly. The dynamic between Chase and Nola felt right, and the author focuses in places on the farm foreclosures and poverty that are endemic in rural America. That gave it an extra half star. 


Nola's 'secret' is really two secrets, one much more serious than the other. And her need to do her job as a reporter added understandable tension. Chase's reaction when he heard of the secrets was realistic, but it's a Christmas book, so there's a Christmasy ending.


Here's the blurb:



His entire town was counting on Chase Langtry to win the championship title. Instead, the injured bull rider is slinking back to the family ranch. But how can he stay out of the spotlight with relentless reporter Nola West following him home from Vegas? His humiliating loss just can't be her next story! 

Nola's attraction to the youngest son of Ramblewood's First Family is shaking her hard-won confidence. And it looks like the only scoop she'll get is covering the Mistletoe Rodeo charity event. She's never been a big fan of the holiday. Until Chase vows to show her a Christmas she'll never forget…