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Dust Up with the Detective by Danica Winters

Dust Up with the Detective (Harlequin Intrigue Series) - Danica Winters

Very enjoyable with a good feminist angle. Blake West is a single mother, a deputy sheriff, living with her over-protective, bossy mother. Her dad took off when she was young. Jeremy Lawrence, who is divorced from a woman who didn't think he lived up to her fantasy husband, with whom he has a daughter he rarely sees. is a detective in a nearby town, but went to high school with Blake,  His family is dysfunctional - his parents have been constantly at each other's throats for as long as he can remember, and his brother is involved in shady businesses, and is breaking up with his wife.


Blake feels constantly that she has to prove herself, and is often very quick to jump to conclusions when her judgement is questioned. Sometimes it's justified, and sometimes it isn't. But it's a pressure many women in positions of responsibility very often. 


The love scenes at times feel like "better move the love interest along, but they're still well done.


The intrigue 150-or-so pages format can force a hectic pace, and there's a lot of "she/he likes me, wait, doesn't, wait does, but it's not going to work" worrying from both. 


Here's the blurb:


Murder in Montana is never simple 

Every dead body in Butte is someone's kin. Detective Jeremy Lawrence has investigated so many wrongdoings, but he still never imagined how it'd feel to be standing over his own brother. Until now. Thankfully, he has the help of Deputy Blake West, a woman he's known his entire life—and wanted for as long as he can remember. 

It's been forever since Blake has seen Jeremy, and she has questions for the hot-as-sin lawman. But her interrogation must wait once she learns the killer has set his sights on Blake's daughter. They promise to put family first, but time is running out to uncover the Lawrence family's secrets—and rebuild what Jeremy and Blake thought they'd broken long ago


Fast-paced, at times a bit hectic, but I really enjoyed it.