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Navy Seal Six Pack by Elle James

Navy SEAL Six Pack (SEAL of My Own) - Elle James

Great plotting and action, and a modern romance with a thoroughly modern woman and a puzzled man who doesn't "understand women". Kate is a trained CIA agent who's been burned in love once, and vows not to let it happen again. She fell in love with a double agent, and is demoted to a desk job, But she can trade blows with the best of them and knows what she wants, and that goes for men too. Circumstances partner her with Ben, nicknamed Montana, who gets a rude introduction to Kate when she tackles him to the ground to save him from an apparent bomb.


Besides the action plot, which is done very well, the exchanges between Kate and Ben are very interesting. Ben doesn't understand signals. Kate asked him to help her pull out her bed in her apartment. Ben did, then left. Kate: “Why should you have waited? I asked you to help with the bed and you did. The end.” But Ben feels he needs to explain:"I left because I didn’t want to take advantage of you.” What? “Kate: "Take advantage? What kind of man-logic is that?” And Ben confesses he has no clue: “I don’t know.” He shoved a hand through his sweaty hair. “I’m not a mind reader. I don’t know what a woman wants.” Kate needs to clue him in: “Obviously. When a woman says she wants you to help her with a bed, it’s a sign she wants you to stick around to test the springs.” (They've already slept together once.)


This next bit is a real role role reversal: "Now you, on the other hand, are a man and you think just because a woman sleeps with you, she’s falling in love with you. Trust me. Just because I slept with you doesn’t mean I plan on keeping you around or committing my life to you. I was just looking for a little fun.” And Ben answers; “Darlin’, you’ve read me all wrong. I’m not the kind of man who falls in and out of bed so  carelessly. You might not want to fall in love, but maybe that’s what I want.” Well well! 


Here's the blurb: 


For a SEAL undercover on a top conspiracy, attraction could be dangerous… 

Raised on a ranch and trained as a Navy SEAL, Benjamin "Montana" Raines has a work ethic that's unshakable—even in the midst of a beautiful and jaded CIA operative. A dangerous conspiracy threatens the United States, and Benjamin has a new case. And a new partner.  

Kate McKenzie has been burned before. And now she is paired with someone she's supposed to trust against her deeper instincts. In the cutthroat world of millionaires and politicians in Washington, DC, Kate and Benjamin must go undercover to prevent an attack. But as the risks to their safety heighten, so does their undeniable attraction to one another…


A terrific read.