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Fearless Gunfighter by Joanna Wayne

Fearless Gunfighter (The Kavanaughs) - Joanna Wayne

This was a good read. Not great, but good. I've enjoyed the other books in the Cavenaugh series a bit more. This one seemed a bit rushed, especially the ending, which could have used a few extra pages. At least we find out that Charlie Cavenaugh was murdered, and who did it.


I have no idea why the title is Fearless Gunfighter. Tucker is a bull rider, not a gunfighter, and the only time he uses his gun is right at the end. It seems a bit OTT. I never got the feeling I knew Sydney. As I wrote, the book should have had a few extra pages. But I enjoyed the plot.


And I particularly enjoyed the ending: they'll get married, both keep their jobs and try and make it work.

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Here's the blurb:


Rodeo rider Tucker Lawrence lives for risk—even after seeing his best friend die in a rodeo accident. But there's no chance in hell he's going to let FBI agent Sydney Maxwell tackle treacherous Texas Hill Country alone to find her missing sister. Even if the pretty profiler is putting his guarded heart in danger… With her sister in the hands of a serial killer, Sydney will break all the rules she has to. Tucker is as reckless as he is charming, but his trail savvy and courage are invaluable as they run her quarry to ground. Still, Sydney can't afford to gamble that the irresistible passion flaring between them is anything but an adrenaline rush. Or that they'll survive long enough for real love…