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Bullseye : SEAL by Carol Erikson

Bullseye: SEAL (Red, White and Built) - Carol Ericson

Terrific read. The dialogue between Gina and Josh is as realistic as I've seen, and Gina is brilliantly sarcastic when she shoots down Josh's more inane statements. And once again, no one needs to tell Gina how strong she is. The one time Josh tells her that, it's her physical strength he's referring to.The plot is tight and flows well. 


Here's the blurb:


Saving Gina De Santos from attempted kidnappings is one thing. But navy SEAL sniper Josh Elliott's assignment requires getting close to the ravishing widow to ascertain what she knows. And that feels more dangerous than combat. In her presence, Josh has to remind himself she's not to be trusted. 

Gina's drug-kingpin father had been negotiating with terrorists when a CIA raid killed him and Gina's husband. Now someone is after the vulnerable single mom and her little boy. While traveling to the Caribbean in search of clues, Josh and Gina find their sizzling desire overpowering. But when they're attacked again, they must overcome their mutual mistrust to survive at the hands of an unknown enemy.

And everything falls into place relationship-wise when Josh reveals that his family background is as dysfunctional as hers.


Highly recommended.