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Navy Seal Captive by Elle James

Navy SEAL Captive (SEAL of My Own) - Elle James

This, the last book in Harlequin Intrigue subscription, was a good read; the plot was intricate but not overly complicated, the women kicked arse, the love interest was decently developed. And there's an untied knot for the next book in the series.


Here's the blurb:



Saving the SEAL 

Being abducted by a beautiful woman in Cancun wasn't part of Sawyer Houston's R & R mission. Jenna Broyles claims she's rescuing the vacationing navy SEAL from unknown assailants. Only it's her life on the line when the jilted bride becomes a target. 

The high-end Mexico resort was supposed to be Jenna's honeymoon destination. But after a dangerous discovery forces her to play hero, she's the one in need of the gorgeous stranger's expertise. As Jenna and Sawyer flee across treacherous tropical jungles, the heat between them builds to a fever pitch. Can they make safe haven before Sawyer's secrets get them both killed?"


The book was better than the blurb :)