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Urgent Pursuit by Beverly Long

Urgent Pursuit (Return to Ravesville) - Beverly Long

A good 'un. The plot was well put together and held my interest throughout. Summer was a bit of a wallflower, though, and Bray's constant reassurances "you're so strong," got a bit tiring. 


Here's the blurb: 


They have twenty-four hours to find a missing child. And the clock is ticking… 

When DEA agent Bray Hollister receives a sobbing call from Summer Wright, it's like a punch to the gut. Fifteen years ago, the onetime love of his life had promised to wait for him—and then abruptly ended their relationship to marry another. Now her five-year-old has been kidnapped and Bray is her only hope. 

Racing against the clock, Bray and Summer unravel a deadly web of lies and deceit surrounding her ex-husband. With time running out and few clues leading to even fewer answers, Bray will risk everything to bring this little girl home. His job. His life. Even a second chance with the woman who was never far from his heart.