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Cowboy Secrets by Alice Sharpe

Cowboy Secrets (The Brothers of Hastings Ridge Ranch) - Alice Sharpe

I really enjoyed this book. Sierra Hyde is VI Warshawski-like detective, though not nearly as resourceful. I liked Clive, and I liked how the relationship developed between the two. She was more in control of how it developed than he was, and I liked the ending. And the story had a nice bit of suspense. I'd really like to see more of Sierra.


Here's the blurb


Ever since beautiful city-girl Sierra Hyde arrived on his doorstep, Pike Hastings's quiet Idaho ranch life has become a chaotic swirl of deception, murder—and unbelievable attraction. Sierra, who's a much better private investigator than country girl, needs Pike's help to unravel the truth behind too many mysteries. As the evidence builds, this rugged cowboy finds himself willing to do whatever it takes to both keep Sierra safe and convince her to stay by his side. But trying to tame her independent spirit is harder than wrangling a calf. Though not as hard as it'll be to get her out of his heart when she no longer needs his protection…