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Deep Cover Detective by Lena Diaz

Deep Cover Detective (Marshland Justice) - Lena Diaz

This one had me from page one, and there was no skip-skip. The plot is well-constructed with enough twists and turns to make for a very enjoyable read.


I liked that, for once, The woman, Silver, seduces the male lead, Colton:.


“Colton,” she whispered. “I want you.”
He swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat. “We’re working on a case. We don’t have time—”
“We do have time. Hours to kill before we can go talk to Mrs. Jones.” 


And after the sex, which I actually read because it was rather well-written, in a lovely bit of turnabout:


She blinked down at him. “Wow. I don’t even want to know how many women you’ve kissed to become that great at it. The jealousy would kill me. Now get up and get dressed. I’m all focused again now—thank you for that, by the way—and ready to solve this case.”
She hopped off him and sashayed into the living room, already dressed and acting as if their lovemaking hadn’t knocked her off her axis as it had him. What had she said? She was focused again, thank you? He frowned. Did she have sex with near strangers often, to focus her thoughts?


There's the ritual hostage taking, but, for once, it isn't the woman who's the victim, which is a nice change.


Great read.

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