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Hostage Negotiation by Lena Diaz

Hostage Negotiation (Marshland Justice) - Lena Diaz

Wow! This was quite a ride with loads of action  We're in Mystic Glades, the tiny, hidden-away town in the Florida Everglades from Deep Water Detective. Cole Larson is back, helping the new chief of police, Zack Scott, who literally runs into his love interest, Kaylee Brighton, who's been kidnapped by a maniac, but managed to escape. Of course, Zack and Kaylee fall in love - it's romantic suspense, after all. Here's the blurb:


Many women went missing outside Mystic Glades. She escaped. 

When he took the job, Zack Scott heard about the horrors waiting in the swamp. So when Kaylee Brighton dashed into the road like the devil was on her tail, the new police chief gave her a safe place to recover. Imprisoned for months, Kaylee could lead Zack to her captor. Though Zack swore to protect her, only Kaylee knew the darkness that awaited them if she returned. She couldn't begin to understand what drove Zack, but she knew the importance of having him by her side. Because it wasn't enough for Kaylee to have escaped. Now it was time to take back her life.


This series is a winner so far.