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Point Blank SEAL by Carol Ericson @CarolAEricson

Point Blank SEAL (Red, White and Built) - Carol Ericson

A terrific read. The plot is tight, the suspense is kept right to the end, and the way the relationship develops between Miguel and Jennifer is very well done.


Here's the blurb:


Tortured in captivity, navy SEAL Miguel Estrada owes his survival to his fiancée, the memory of her keeping him strong through his darkest moments. But when his escape is compromised by military protocol and he suspects the woman he loves is being targeted, he turns rogue.

Jennifer Lynch has spent a year mourning Miguel and raising the baby he never met. But her reality is shaken once she finds him at her door and discovers they’re all at risk.

Putting his life on the line for Jennifer and their child, Miguel is forced to face some hard truths—and confront the secrets that might separate them permanently.



Miguel is damaged psychologically and is reluctant to re-enter into a physical relationship with Jennifer after he was tortured and possibly brainwashed. The way Jennifer unlocks Miguel is very well done, and I didn't skim through the bonk scene - I was absorbed by it. For a change, it's Jennifer telling Miguel he's strong, not the other way round, which I very much liked. Jennifer's development as the rock in the relationship is refreshing.